Commercial Building Inspections

Whether your business owns or leases its buildings, there are significant requirements needed to keep them up and in good condition. Even if you have an effective maintenance program in place, periodic inspections by a trained, independent, third party can find important deficiencies that may have been overlooked. More importantly, commercial building inspections are critical for developing and maintaining a capital improvement program. For instance, your maintenance department is focused on properly maintaining your HVAC equipment and maximizing the useful life that you are able to realize from that equipment. However, all building systems have a finite lifespan. A comprehensive inspection and condition assessment can help plan for the proper time to replace the equipment and other building systems and quantify the cost in doing so. This information is critical to any capital planning system.

Commercial building inspections can focus on a variety of different areas, depending on your needs. From a full condition assessment, to a more focused ADAAG compliance audit, or facilities maintenance evaluation, Michaud Engineering can customize an approach specifically for your facilities.

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