Retail Inspections

Retail buildings or rental units are unique when it comes to inspection requirements.  Often they are rented or leased spaces with significant portions of client owned equipment.  By their nature, appealing to the general public and serving their needs means that some factors are more important to retailers than perhaps other building owners. 

  • Are the parking lots, entrances and walkways in good, safe condition?
  • Is the signage in good condition and adequately illuminated?
  • Are the client facing portions of the building appealing, in good working order, and logically laid out?
  • Does this location portray the corporate image that we need?

These factors are in addition to the other, more traditional building functions such as

  • What condition is the roof in?
  • Does the HVAC system work properly and is it going to need replacement?
  • What is the condition of the electrical systems?
  • Is the lighting efficient and appropriate for this application?

There are many more questions that will be answered in a comprehensive building inspection.

However, there are also options for those buildings or locations that may be temporarily or seasonally shut down, unoccupied or vacant for other reasons.  You still need certainty that there are no unseen problems within the building such as a water leak, roof leak, or unwanted break ins.  For these applications, we offer a more basic inspection service that provides peace of mind while still identifying problems and providing you with the information needed to address them.  Call or e-mail to learn more.